Project Facts & Figures

Zayed University

  • Feature Roof 500m x 300m, 35m high
  • The roof covering comprises of a square grid of aluminium panels fixed to a tertiary steel frame. The covering itself is approximately 450T of Aluminium, 420T of steelwork and in excess of 20T of fittings.
  • At peak the installation team had 500N scaffolders / installers working on the roof, with in excess of 30,000 scaffold boards. Installation took six months.


Perth Children’s Hospital

  • Thirteen unique facade types, with in excess of 6400No Panels and covering 65,000m2
  • Artwork to the East elevation comprises of 1700No discs up to 1m in diameter. These range from the combination of six sizes, seven varying angles and nine colours to achieve the design of local artist Stuart Green, appropriately titled “Fizz”. Once completed the system has a varying array of LED lights which will light up in varying sequences.
  • A second artwork installation appears on the Northern Atrium wall and consists of 2.5m Diameter white circles with varying combinations of angle and patination.
  • The Heaviest Facade panel is 1300Kg
  • Largest Facade Panel is 6.8m high, 2.5m wide and 1.5m deep – assembled offsite to reduce onsite installation and to reduce transportation
  • The double glazed units are up to 55mm thick, with the largest jockey sash system being 350mm deep
  • ┬áThe external area is approximately 67,000m2 totalling of 17,000m2 aluminium composite sheet, 33,000m2 glass and 17,000m2 vitreous enamel
  • Comprises of approximately 1000T aluminium, 4.3million screws, 60,000l silicone, 40km gaskets
  • Double skin facade to East and West towers cover 650m2, complete with automated rotating and stacking louvres from Germany.
  • North East Winter garden is 13m high and comprises of an automated glass louvre system that regulates temperatures. The triple laminate blades are 600mm w, 4.5m high and weigh approx. 160Kg each.
  • The main North Atrium Wall hangs off a 10.5T Steel box truss which is 2.5m deep. 35T of steel trusses and curtain wall complete the lower six floors suspended under it.
  • The Facade was shipped in 750No Shipping containers over an 18 month period
  • The design documentation includes over 1400No design drawings and 51,000 fabrication drawings